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Hi, I'm Yasheaka (@SheakaSpeaks), CEO of YO & Associates, LLC and award-winning mentor to Millennials and Gen Z professionals.

After years of coaching and mentoring, I have launched a series of curated content for entry-level marketers. I hope that you find these resources insightful and that they provide you with the tools you need to deepen your understanding of marketing and develop marketing plans that drive revenue via event registrations and membership conversions!

[Free List] 64 Target Audience Segment Ideas for Marketers


[Free Guide] How To Host Hybrid Events And Manage Like A Pro


[Free Guide] 3 Strategies That’ll Elevate Your Event Marketing Before It Starts


[Masterclass] The Members You Value, and Value of Members: Acquisition and Renewal

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[Masterclass] The Strategy of Connection: Bringing Events to Market